Jonasz Stelmaszyk - Founder, head coach

As a youngster I was training in multiple sports (football, swimming and sailing). At the age of 15 I focused all my time in sailing. My professional sailing career came to an end in summer 2015, after more than 15 years of day-to-day dedication to sport. I became a World Champion, won several World Cup events and a silver medal at the European Championships...the only thing missing is an Olympic medal, but I hope that one day one of my athletes will achieve this!

During my time as a professional athlete I worked with a few top-level physical coaches, from whom I learned a lot to become successful. I also graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw as a Physical Education specialist.


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    • Training check-in and correction after a week
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    I met Jonasz better three years ago, when our paths came together in MTB team. I knew his sailing BIO and I knew that his good performance in sailing did not come without hard work. During these three years, he has made amazing progress in cycling races MTB, which were the result of his hard work, but probably also a consequence of his passion which can be seen in his attitude towards training and hunger for knowledge, which manifests itself in the analysis of every - even the smallest aspect that may affect the outcome results.

    ~Robert Janecki
    Team Renault Manager

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    Any Questions? - Here's MoreWatts FAQ

    No you dont need to have a power metter. By choicing the premium packeg you get the ablilit to use one of the power metters avalible for our riders for the test rides.

    No, we set up a meetining only if the athlets feels a need for it or by email we are not able to comiunicate on the right way :)

    No, we set up a meetining only if the athlets feels a need for it or by email we are not able to comiunicate on the right way :)

    Yes, we higly recomend you to get green light from your doctor.

    No, we are open to all kind of people which goal is to improve healt by beeing active. We have expirence in: strenght and endurnce trainings.

    No, you can work with more watts as long (or short) you whish to but remmeber improvemnts come with systrmatic works, some times it takes time.

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